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High School Rep Presents: A Little Princess

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"India is a veritable whirl of wonderment. More lively than a carnival, more ancient than the stars. I was always asking the elders to tell me stories of the old days. See the magic!"
- Sara Crewe, A Little Princess
Young Sara Crewe would rather stay with her dear father in India than leave for boarding school in grim, bustling London. Using her books and imagination, she is able to quickly win friends and make the best out of every situation. But when her fate takes a disastrous turn, will her vibrant inner life be enough to sustain her through tragedy and hardship? In this heartfelt, faithful adaptation of the beloved novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, one girl's goodwill and courage show what being a princess truly means.
Recommended for all ages.

708-246-4043 or [email protected]


Thursday, May 10th 2018 07:00pm


The Children's Theatre of Western Springs
4384 Hampton Ave
60558 Western Springs


The Children's Theatre of Western Springs, Western Springs

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