Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2019 | Washington

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2019

What's happening?

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, also commonly referred to as simply MAL, is a three-day long party and leather/kink/fetish event with participant levels that are now up in the thousands!

Whether you're brand spanking new (pun intended) to the leather scene or you are a leather daddy dungeon master with decades of experience under your harness, you're sure to find plenty to enjoy at MAL.

Feast your eyes on THOUSANDS of your fellow leather and gear clad attendees from around the globe at the Leather Exhibit Hall, where you can shop and peruse the products and gear from over 2 dozen exhibitors!

Leather Exhibit Hall Pricing (These prices reflect the costs in 2018. Once it's closer to the 2019 event, any edits will be made to reflect the current prices for 2019):
Full Weekend Pass (access all 3 days) – $30.00
Friday Only (4pm-10pm) – $15.00
Saturday Only (11am-6pm) – $20.00
Sunday Only (11am-5pm) – $15.00

The host hotel, which is the heart of the action for MAL Weekend is the Hyatt Regency in Washington DC's Capitol Hill. Most of the weekend's official events take place in the hotel itself. However, there are other events and parties taking place over the weekend that are held at over venues around the city.

The official sponsor of MAL is the Centaur Motorcycle Club. Their website is www.centaurmc.org/

For information on MAL Weekend visit www.leatherweekend.com. Here you will find schedules and other details regarding MAL. This is also your resource for purchasing Weekend Package tickets, which provide you entry to the following Official MAL Events: the Saturday evening Leather Cocktails event, Sunday brunch, Mr. MAL Contest, Leather Exhibit Hall, and the official Sunday night Closing Party.

There is a facebook group, entitled Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, created by the Centaurs to alert those interested about what's going on over MAL weekend. You can join this group here:

There is also a facebook group, entitled Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend Meat N Greet, where MAL attendees can introduce themselves, mix, mingle, and get to know one another before, during, and after MAL. This group was designed for MAL attendees to socialize (aka "MEAT and greet"). You can join this group here:

If you are interested to buying, selling, or trading leather, rubber, neoprene or other fetish gear, you can check out the MAL Gear Exchange group. You can join this group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MALGearExchange/

Leave your judgment at the door, respect one another, enjoy yourself, and have a fun and memory-filled MAL Weekend 2019!

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Friday, January 18th 2019 04:00pm


Supporters of Mid-Atlantic Leather
400 New Jersey Ave NW
20001 Washington

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Supporters of Mid-Atlantic Leather, Washington

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