Kanye West Presidential Campaign | YEEZUSA #Kanye2020 - Support Now: | Washington

Kanye West Presidential Campaign | YEEZUSA #Kanye2020 - Support Now:

What's happening?

On Sunday August 30th 2015, Kanye West, live at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, announced his decision to run for the position of President in The United States of America.

And so #Kanye2020 was born.

Since the announcement the world's media, in its millions, has taken to the air/net to denounce, slate and of course support Mr West's Iconic Decision.

Please, Join, Share & Invite to this event, and let's insure the world is on board for this iconic moment in Yeezy' History.

Petition, Funding & More info coming soon:


Tuesday, November 10th 2020 05:35pm


The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
20500 Washington

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Dedicated To Kanye, Washington

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