Dance On John McCain’s Grave | Washington

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Wait, this isn’t what it looks like. Let me explain: John McCain is a warmongering pig with the blood of the Vietnamese people on his hands and I can’t wait until his brain tumor kills him. I know it might seem silly to plan a grave-dancing party before somebody actually dies, but I figure we should prepare as early as possible, so I picked a date several years in the future just to be sure.
If, by the time this party rolls around, a few of the groveling Democrats who give John McCain media handjobs every time he says something like “mr trump ur not nice” while he votes for 99% of trump’s policies have died as well, we can add their names to the grave.
I will be bringing a big, beautiful cake shaped like a brain tumor with several fragments of authentic fighter jet bodies and pointy sticks embedded in it. Sound off in the comments with what you’ll bring!


Monday, December 1st 2025 09:00am


United States Capitol rotunda
20004 Washington

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