2 Million Trump Supporters To DC. Inauguration Day | Washington

2 Million Trump Supporters To DC. Inauguration Day

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The Pipe Dreamer is at it again. Dc bound. Details are in the works. But we want to be there to welcome President Donald Trump and to stop the libtards from ruining the welcoming. These libtards need to be shut the hell up. This is not only a biker event but it is a Trump Supporters event. We are many and varied but we unite as one. Christian, Veterans, Bikers, Truckers, Steel workers, Coal worker's, Preachers, Fast food workers, all Colors on the human race, if you are a working class American and you support Mr President Donald Trump then we would love to see you there. Our main objective is to show our Love for our new President and unite as one in a collective effort in Solidarity Brotherhood and Unity. God Bless America.


Tuesday, January 21st 2020 09:00am


National Mall
20024 Washington

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2 Million Bikers 2 DC, Washington

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