Judgement Day 2017: 1v1 Popping And Crew vs Crew Open Styles! | Syracuse

What's happening?

Ok all, it is with a seriously heavy heart that I have to announce Judgement Day is getting postponed. I do not have a new date in mind yet, but I promise this jam will still happen someday, but this September is just impossible for many reasons.
As you all have noticed if you've been following along, I have had terrible luck with locking down a venue. The first venue I had initially worked out a deal with tried changing the terms of our agreement with little to no notice.
I have also had 0 luck with securing any form of sponsorships to help pay for this event, and with that the entire cost of the event would have to come out of my pocket. I promise I am ok with doing that, but plain and simple, I can't afford it yet. I'm buying a house very soon, and with that comes little to no spare funds in the meantime. But, to buy plane tickets and pay travel expenses, judges fees, venue, hotel rooms etc for 6 judges, 2 djs, 12 battle guests, a host, and videographer, plus the $3,750 in prize money... It's just not in my budget.
So the decision has been made to postpone the event until I am more financially able to make this event happen without a hitch, and without having to depend on the door fees to pay for everything.
I love you all, and thank you all for the constant support you have shown me up to this point. When I come back with the new plans, it will be even better, and possibly in a different city (exploring options to go to NYC). Thanks again.
-Jake "Poppin' Fresh" Gellis

-Original Description and sign up lists below, keeping everything here for when the new date and location is picked-

The time has come for me to take my experiences over the years and organize my own Event. I promise you all that this will be a game changer, an event you don't want to miss, because I'm only going to do it once!

I've spent the last 4 or 5 years traveling the world, and have attended somewhere around 150 events, as a competitor, Judge, guest, or just came to cypher and see people. The majority of these travels have been out of my pocket. I've seen the good and great, to the bad and worse. I'm going to take my experiences from every single one of those events and throw the best event I have ever been to... Hopefully, it will be the best event you all have ever been to as well!

Let's get down to the nitty gritty!

2 Categories to choose from.

1v1 Popping

1st Prize $1000 and Trophy
2nd Prize $350 and Plaque

Crew vs Crew Open Style.
3-6 person crews, MANDATORY that you have at least 1 Bboy (or BGirl) on your Team! There will be NO exceptions to this! No 2 man teams, no 7 man teams, no teams without a bboy. You're entire squad can be Bboys, there's no max! But you have to have at least 1.

1st Prize $1500 and Trophies
2nd Prize $600 and Plaques

How many events have you gone to, where there's battle guests, that do nothing and sit around until it's their turn for the contest? Countless right? Well not at my jam! We have 4 battle guests for Popping and their spot in the top 32 is secured... but I've decided that instead of getting a free pass, they have to exhibition battle instead! If you're a battle guest, you should be good enough to handle doing the extra rounds compared to everyone who has to prelim right? Right! No more sitting on your ass playing candy crush! Get up and get down!

Open styles will have a guest "Dream Team" of 6 dancers from all over the continent that I have hand picked as some of my absolute favorite and most talented dancers I have ever seen! They do not know who their teammates are, and they won't know until the week of the jam! So all you crews out there that will claim I'm bringing a stacked team of guests to smoke everybody... they can't prepare together ahead of time. So COME PREPARED! Each of these dancers I have picked are Versatile, known for one or many styles, but can rip multiple styles! And YES, they will have to showcase!

All Prelims in both categories will be "Battle Style" prelims!
Showcase prelims are dumb! Why would you want to show a judge how you perform, and not how you battle!?!?

EVERYONE BATTLES at Judgement Day!

My Judges and host will not be doing a showcase for you. They will be battling...

First off, let's break down the judges and host battle.

My 6 judges for Popping and Open Styles, along with my host will line up. Adding a winner of Cypher Soldier to make a roster of 8 people, they will square off 7 To Smoke style in an Open Styles battle. These judges I have picked are all versatile as well. Even my Popping judges, so don't sleep and expect a straight popping battle here! You are going to see Dancer's Dancing, And throwing down!
The winner of the 7 To Smoke will walk away with $300.

Why have I done this? I'm tired of going to events and seeing judges perform weak showcases that don't prove their ability or credibility in being there. So at my jam, they will prove it. But wait... who's going to judge the Judges?
The finalists from each category will get to sit on the judge panel for the 7 To Smoke. Once we're down to the final 2 poppers, and final 2 crews, they all become judges (unless one of them wins cypher soldier)

I've hired DJ's that are also dancers... so guess what? There will be a DJ dance battle. Both of these gentlemen (using that word loosely) are versatile dancers in multiple styles as well.

Event Location:
Syracuse NY

Admission into the event:

Entry fee: (Spectators)
1 Day Pass - $20
2 Day Pass - $30

Day 2 only - $15

Battle Fee: (Includes 2 Day Pass)
1 Contest Entry - $40
2 Contest Entry - $50

Eventbrite Page Set UP With $5 off everything Early Bird Prices from now until June 30th or until they sell out!


Much Love to each and every one of you!

-Poppin Fresh

Popping Battle Guest Exhibition Battle #1
Kidd vs Genocide

Popping Battle Guest Exhibition Battle #2
Katalyst vs D-Soul

1v1 Popping Judges:
1. PopnTod
2. Popula
3. Abnormal

Crew vs Crew Open Styles Judges:
1. Aquaboogy
2. Daniel Keith Morrison
3. Bboy Afternoon

1. SC-One
2. Captain Puerto Rico

1. Poppin' Fresh (Me)
2. Castro

1 vs 1 Popping:

1. Katalyst, NYC
2. DSoul, L.A
3. Genocide, Harrisburg PA
4. Kidd, South Florida
5. Steady B, New Orleans
6. Trizzy Stacks, Philadelphia
7. Rez, Binghamton NY
8. Excel, California
9. Eskeleto, Houston TX
10. Surge, Lorton VA
11. Critical, Chicago IL
12. ISO, Reading PA
13. BeatzHype, Bethlehem PA
14. C-pop, Montreal CAN
15. Megaman, Vancouver CAN
16. TY, Dallas TX
17. Shadowz, Dallas TX
18. KeAnna, Phoenix AZ
19. Sockie, Indianapolis, IN
20. A King Named Simba, Syracuse NY
21. T.E.I.N, Buffalo NY
22. New Wings, Buffalo NY
23. Soundwave, Syracuse NY
24. cSwiggz, Raleigh NC
25. Lonnie, Binghamton NY
26. Kontrol, Syracuse NY
27. Icy, Toronto CAN
28. Just, Detroit MI
29. Caden, Toronto CAN
30. Panda, CT
31. Tony Teknik, Philadelphia PA
32. Tony Tonez, Jersey
33. Magic, Minnesota
34. Nrgi, Florida
35. Roy da 5'5, Houston TX
36. Gentei, Baltimore MD
37. Metrik, York PA
38. Isaiah, MA
39. Cozmo, Lodi CA
40. Tonezone, Detroit MI
41. Lil Ill, Grand Rapids MI
42.Wolf Ookami ALPHAS/Dynamic,NYC

Crew Vs Crew Open Styles

1. The Dream Team (Lady C, SweetFace, Joe Stylez, Stiggity Stackz, Zelly Zel, Heat Rock)
2. Just Looz, Gulf Coast
3. 7 Sessions NY/PA
4. Team Fresh Jackets
5. Soul Tribe
6. We are They, NJ
7. Team Rocket, Dallas TX
8. Team Unknown, Binghamton NY
9. Abstract Generation, Mt. Pleasant MI


Thursday, December 31st 2020 12:00pm


Syracuse, NY, United States


Jake Gellis, Syracuse

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