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Useful Plants, Mushrooms, & Seaweeds of San Luis Obispo County

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Useful Plants, Mushrooms, & Seaweeds of San Luis Obispo County (February 2019)

Central Coast Exploratory Workshops
with herbalist Tellur Fenner

The Garden is excited to welcome back Northern California herbalist Tellur Fenner of the Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies for an in-depth look at the edible and medicinal plants (& mushrooms/seaweeds) of the Central Coast. Join Tellur for a class series that will explore various plant communities found in SLO County while learning about the many amazing and useful plants growing there. This interdisciplinary program will engage students through a combination of classroom lecture, field exploration, and hands-on exercises.

Limited Space Available! Reservations are required.

Situated just a few miles north of downtown San Luis Obispo, the El Chorro Regional Park encompasses a diverse array of native plant communities. The botanical diversity of the region is owed to its varied landscapes, including: riparian, chaparral, oak woodlands, and grasslands. Join us for this class series as we explore a number of these habitats while learning about the many useful plants and mushrooms found growing there.

Topics/activities to be covered include: botany basics taught from a plant family perspective, plant (and mushroom) identification in the field, medicinal/edible/utilitarian uses, California ethnobotany, ethical harvesting guidelines and information about at-risk medicinal plants, safety issues and tips on how to avoid toxic/poisonous plants & mushrooms, medicine making techniques and activities, sampling of a variety of edible & medicinal plant/mushroom/seaweed preparations, and more!

Friday 6-7:30pm
Lecture: Edible & Medicinal Plants, Mushrooms and Seaweeds of SLO County

Discover the historic and modern uses of some of the many useful plants of SLO County. During this talk we will explore a number of common native and non-native plants (as well as mushrooms and seaweeds) that grow in the region, with a focus on historical as well as modern use.

Saturday 10-4pm
Workshop I: SLO County Bioregional Field Exploration

In order to put theory into practice, we’ll spend the day hiking through a number of different plant habitats while identifying and discussing many of the useful plants and mushrooms found along the way. Our study will emphasize a dynamic sensory awareness of the plant and mushrooms via close observation, touching, tasting, and smelling.

Sunday 10-4pm
Workshop II: Wildcrafting and Plant/Mushroom/Seaweed Preparation Methods

Our program culminates with a day spent learning the principles of plant/mushroom/seaweed harvesting, processing, and preparation methods. After a short lecture, students will harvest a number of useful medicinal plants (and mushrooms) from the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden property and surrounding environs. The remainder of our time will be spent preparing a number of different edible & medicinal creations with our bountiful harvest. In addition, Tellur will be bringing along some dried seaweeds and acorns from Mendocino County to add to the mix!

Call to enroll and for Garden Member discount: 805.541.1400×303

Email: [email protected]


Friday, February 15th 2019 06:00pm


San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden
3450 Dairy Creek Rd
93405 San Luis Obispo


Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies, San Luis Obispo

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