The birth of the LKCC! | Saint Petersburg

What's happening?

I it's kinda lame to promote over an event, but it's better then spam fucking over messages.

~I am Bernard Curtis Gopfert and I am the sole provider of my artistic child LKCC. An Apparel company that focuses on value of art instead of the brand labels and name brands. Unlike most of the countless labels out there that only care about profits and sales instead of the art and people who only help generate money to fill the company's pockets. I'm trying to create something more then a company, I'm striving to achieve an avid clothing line but a medium that not only creates a outstanding community for local artist and developers from all walks of life, it'll work as a gallery for my artwork and many others...

~In the months to come, I'll provide more details, info of LKCC and it's workings. Sad to say it's still in it's early stages of it's development but it's making amazing progress so far so please stay intouch and and show support by head over to my artpage:



Sunday, January 26th 2025 10:00pm


Saint Petersburg, FL, United States
Saint Petersburg


Curt Gee, Saint Petersburg

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