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World\'s Fastest Supersonic Jet

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Have you ever dreamed of flying from New York to London in just three hours? That dream may become a reality with the development of what will be the world’s fastest business jet.

The U.S.-based Aerospace firm Aerion, is partnering with Airbus to create a business jet that will fly at 1,217 mph. The Aerion AS2 is a Mach 1.6 supersonic business jet, and uses a laminar flow wing to achieve its amazing speed.

Over water, the AS2 will cruise at speeds between Mach 1.4 and 1.6, which is twice as fast as today’s civil jets. That will get you from New York to London in three hours, or from Los Angeles to Tokyo in just six.

The jet will be able to fly more than 5,450 statute miles, meaning that it can connect cities like London and Seattle or San Francisco and Toyko with a nonstop flight.

The projected price tag for the AS2 hovers around $100 million.


Aerion hopes to begin test flights by 2019.

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