Take Back Congress 2018 | Philadelphia

Take Back Congress 2018

What's happening?

Our best chance to stop President Trump, and his radical agenda, is to organize early and elect a Democratic Congress in 2018.

Young voters, liberals/progressives, and Democrats tend to skip elections in non-presidential years. That has to stop!

Here's how you can help:

1) RSVP "Going" for a reminder to vote on Election Day 2018, and/or add this to your calendar by clicking http://evt.mx/oy0WB9A7.

2) Register to vote at https://turbovote.org/ or https://www.iwillvote.com/learn/.

3) Share this event with your friends.

4) Follow our Facebook page Take Back Congress 2018.

The hosts: Brett and Alli met in college. Brett is a writer and campaign veteran. Alli's an artist. Basically they're two friends who think Trump's ideas, cabinet appointments, and tweets are completely bonkers and dangerous. Let's do something about it.


Tuesday, November 6th 2018 12:01am


United States
6890 Distribution Dr
11211 Philadelphia

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