Mature Eros Workshop w/Eric Hudson (Palm Springs) | Palm Springs

Mature Eros Workshop w/Eric Hudson (Palm Springs)

What's happening?

Brought to us by Eric Huson from Body Electric Australia, in this workshop, you will embark on a new path solely dedicated to exploring the mature men & their erotic lives.

Building on men’s experiences as graduates of CBE, this workshop explores our erotic potential as we age. Participants will be able to explore together what it means be a sensual, mature man in our culture and community.

How do we face new issues? Maintaining our desire for intimacy and erotic connection may be challenging for some men. What erotic learning and experience do we take with us from our earlier years? What do we offer the community as mature men, and what wisdom do we have to share with others?

There will be many opportunities to connect with men at a deep level through experiential exercises, sharing and loving touch during this workshop. Together we will explore how to live a rich and fulfilled life as we age.

This workshop is open to all mature men, 18+ of all sizes, shapes, colors, differing abilities and life experience.

Topics To Be Covered:
-- Continue to explore erotic energy as a means to greater self-awareness.
-- Expand techniques for experiencing full body erotic sensations.
-- Develop greater self-acceptance of our body, and its erotic potential as we mature.
-- Experience solitary time for reflection and contemplation.
-- Explore our relationships with significant men in our lives, in particular our fathers.
-- Celebrate our life experiences to date, and explore new potentialities and desires.
-- Be safely held in a loving community of men.

PREREQUISITE: Celebrating the Body Erotic


Saturday, November 10th 2018 09:00am


Snapshot Palm Springs
4575 E Camino Parocela
92264 Palm Springs


The Body Electric School, Palm Springs

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