Gina Ippolito's Blow-Out Bastille Day Bash 2020 | Los Angeles

Gina Ippolito\'s Blow-Out Bastille Day Bash 2020

What's happening?

Put on your best culottes and berets and save the date for Gina Ippolito's Blow-Out Bastille Day Bash 2020! It's never too early to make plans, because you know all the good spots will be snapped up when the French come out to party!

As always, mass is NOT ALLOWED at Sassafras Saloon. France may historically be a Catholic nation, but that is obviously no longer something one can assume in the free French nation.

* NOTE: This will take place on a day that probably is not actually Bastille Day in 2020, but is pretty close, Gina-style.

That said, come on out for all the Bastille Day fun, because EVERYONE'S FRENCH ON BASTILLE DAY!! :)


Saturday, July 11th 2020 04:20pm


Sassafras Saloon
1233 Vine St
90038 Los Angeles

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