HWS Bid for WUDC 2020! | Geneva

HWS Bid for WUDC 2020!

What's happening?

I'm proud to present our bid to host the 2020 World Universities Debating Championship!

We are very pleased to announce that Eric Barnes will be heading up the A-Team as CA. This is the only way I could possibly convince him to attend WUDC again. If you like "round 4" motions from the RR, you'll LOVE HWS Worlds! The rest of the CA Team will be appointed at a later date, by the usual process.

We are able to offer the low reg fee of $500 USD/participant by using the dorms on our campus, which students vacate for the holidays. There will be a limited number of single rooms, with many doubles and triples. It's not luxurious, but we offer a "no-squeegee" guarantee. The adj core, their schools, and close friends will be housed in "O'Dells", a university built apartment complex overlooking a man-made lake that is very pretty and vastly nicer than the rest of the dorms.

Our campus does not have a 1,200 person GA venue indoors, but our B&G department will set up a heated tent in "the quad" which will ensure both participant comfort and easy access to your debating rooms, all of which will be within a 7 minute walk. Some excess rooms may be in the Field House, which we will partition into 15-20 debating rooms. The acoustics aren't great, but it'll still be better than some of the Thess "rooms".

Sodexo, our campus caterer, is even more enthusiastic about this event than they are about private prisons! They've promised to provide unlimited quantities of "melk" which is apparently popular with debaters. Three squares a day in the campus dining hall will be provided. A slight majority of HWS students describe this as "tolerable".

Our socials are where we will really shine. We've planned a NYE party on Seneca Lake, where participants can ice skate while those who haven't got leaks fret nervously about their break chances. Fireworks will be provided at midnight. You might wonder about the safety of using pyrotechnics on a frozen lake, but if we all survived Botswana's party, we'll survive this. We're attempting to procure use of a certain local hotel on the lake for the Yakka party. This would be epic, just ask any previous Round Robin participant. We also have a social venue called "The Barn", which is exactly as classy as it sounds.

Speaking of socials, our Equity Officer is the beloved Lil' Marco. Anyone who commits an equity violation will have let him down and no one wants to do that.

Our visa officer will be Ivanka Trump. We're not thrilled either but lets face it, this is the only way we're getting everyone into the US.

We're very excited to host you all! Spread the word!


Saturday, December 28th 2019 11:00am


Geneva, NY, United States


Steven Penner, Geneva

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