America's Strongest Viking 2018 | Fairmont

America\'s Strongest Viking 2018

What's happening?

ASV is back and we are ready to blow the roof off the strongman world!

All classes offered, yes even Novice!

***Arnold invites in ALL open classes - ONLY 5 REQUIRED PER DIVISION***
***World Records on the Mouser Block***
***National Deadlift Records***
***Top 3 go to Nationals***

Registration will open Friday 12/22 at 12:01am (that's Thursday night yall). Remember, competitor order will operate by reverse order of entry received! Here's the link:

***The first 20 who register for ASV will receive $100 off the purchase of a Mouser Block until 8/31***

Events are (subject to change):

Max Block Press with the Mouser Block

Max Deadlift

Hercules Hold with the Deep Waters Hercules Hold

Medley (farmers, keg, farmers)

Max Distance Block Carry with the Mouser Block

***Weights and rules are listed on the registration page***


Star Ara, 12/22, WV, Open 140
Nicole Hess, 12/24, MI, Open 160
Katie O'Connor, 12//22, WV, Open 180
Ashlyn Harlan, 12/22, WV, Open 180
Tiffany Drake, 12/22, WV, Open SHW
Ryan Jernigan, 12/22, NC, Open 175
Tim Gay, 12/22, MD, Open 175
Danny Walls, 12/22, WV, Open 200
Tyler Prata, 12/22, NJ, Open 200
Justin Burcham, 1/3, NC, Open 200
Jonathan Clark, 12/22, WV, Open 265
Craig Pfisterer, 12/22, PA, Open 300
Jamie Bland, 12/22, WV, Open 300


Saturday, September 1st 2018 12:00pm


Palatine Park
Everest Dr,
26554 Fairmont


Viking Performance Training LLC, Fairmont

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Currently no future events available. Sorry!.