Bountiful Spring: Edible & Medicinal “Greens" of California | Berkeley

Bountiful Spring: Edible & Medicinal “Greens\

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Bountiful Spring: Edible & Medicinal “Greens" of California

Weekend Workshop and Field Exploration

As the rains begin to recede and the days lengthen, we are reminded that spring has arrived. All around, lush carpets of green span the horizon as many plants begin (or continue) their annual ascent towards the sun. Join us as we explore the diverse (and tasty!) array of succulent edible/medicinal “greens" at their prime during late winter/early spring on the North-Central California coast. Well known leafy-greens like dandelion, stinging nettle, wild mustard, and miner’s lettuce will be covered (in exhaustive detail) in addition to DOZENS MORE lesser known/obscure plants such as: sanicle, wild asparagus, amole lily, and cow parsnip. This interdisciplinary 14-hour workshop will engage students on all levels through a combination of classroom lecture, field exploration, and a variety of hands-on kitchen/herbal pharmacy exercises. Topics/activities to be covered include: botany basics taught from a plant family perspective, plant identification in the field, edible/medicinal uses, California ethnobotany, legal/ethical harvesting guidelines and information about at-risk species, safety issues with tips on how to avoid toxic/poisonous look-a-likes, medicine making techniques, sampling of a variety of edible/medicinal plant preparations, and more! This academic immersion into the world of useful springtime California plants is guaranteed to not only enlighten and inspire, but also aims to instill a sense of hope for a more sustainable future in all who participate.

Dates/Time: February 2-3 (2019) Sat/Sun

Sat/Sun: 10am-6pm

Session I (Saturday, Feb. 2): Edible & Medicinal “Greens" of California—Lecture/Hands-On Preparation Methods

-During the first day of this weekend workshop we will explore the uses of literally DOZENS of edible & medicinal “greens”…first in the classroom and then in the kitchen/pharmacy. All materials will be provided and each student will leave with a product s/he helped prepare.

Session II (Sunday, Feb. 3): San Francisco Bay Area Bioregional Field Exploration

-We'll spend the duration of our second day hiking through a number of different plant communities while identifying and discussing many of the edible/medicinal/toxic “greens" found along the way. Our study will emphasize a dynamic sensory awareness of the plants via close observation, touching, tasting, and smelling.

Instructor: Tellur Fenner

Location: Berkeley, CA

Class Fee:

Pre-registration discount before January 4 deadline: $160 (includes materials fee). After January 4 deadline: $185

Detailed directions and other more specific class info (including carpool networking) will be emailed out to the registered/paid students by January 23. IMPORTANT NOTE: this message will be sent to the email associated with your Paypal transaction (and for some people this may not be their primary email). No refunds will be issued after January 4.


Email (preferred)- [email protected]

Facebook page:

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Phone: 510-290-6841

Make sure to bring: Water, lunch, notebook, and a camera.

*Interested, but don’t have a car? Inquire about carpooling options.


Saturday, February 2nd 2019 10:00am


Berkeley, CA, United States


Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies, Berkeley

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