Big BioWare Photoshoot | Atlanta

Big BioWare Photoshoot

What's happening?

The big photoshoot you have all been waiting for is going to happen at Dragon Con this year! Mass Effect and Dragon Age cosplayers rejoice! (Also all you KotOR, SWTOR, Jade Empire, Baldur's Gate cosplayers!)

Right in between the Dragon Age @ Dragon*Con and the N7 Elite Costume Group / N7 Elite @ DragonCon's photoshoot on the Hilton Steps, we will be doing an awesome gathering of epic proportions!

Dragon Age photoshoot is at 11:00
BioWare photoshoot is at 12:00
Mass Effect photoshoot is at 1:00 -

Location: Hilton Steps Section A (map to be posted below soon)

Photographers: TBA

Mashup and crossover costumes are allowed!


Saturday, September 1st 2018 12:00pm


Dragon Con
PO Box 16459
30321-0459 Atlanta

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