The WitchBorn: Asylum | Schaumburg

The WitchBorn: Asylum

What's happening?

Play the miniatures game with a unique and ever-changing tale. A derelict cathedral known as “The Pit” was converted into a tavern and bazaar. Humans, Guild, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs bustle with the air of a dark carnival since there are no WitchBorn here. And a Guild warrior named Blood Messiah fills tankards at the world’s last standing bar.

There’s no better time for a beer!

• Revolutionary apps for Android and iOS tell tales usually only found in roleplaying games. Earn new skills and find rare artifacts as your warriors rise to become heroes.
• Events are for beginners with experienced players to coach you. Everything you need is supplied.
• GET A HEAD START! Play a quick demo at The WitchBorn booth or check us out at


Saturday, March 24th 2018 06:00pm


Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel
1551 N. Thoreau Dr.
60173 Schaumburg


The WitchBorn, Schaumburg

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