The Davey's Voice Film Festival | Santa Barbara

The Davey\'s Voice Film Festival

What's happening?

Join us for an evening of family-friendly, animal related films celebrating the bond between human and animal. The Davey’s Voice Film Festival is intended to bring about a positive change for the lives of animals, and to inspire social reform for their benefit. It is our hope that film goers will feel moved by this cause and reflect on the ways in which animals are impacted daily in their own lives.

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Saturday, January 13th, 2018
The New Vic Theatre
33. W Victoria St

All proceeds from this event will benefit animal welfare
programs and initiatives. Our benefactors include:

1.) Paws Up 4 Pets is an afterschool program educating youth on resonsible pet ownership! The Paws Up for Pets campaign promotes compassion and accountability for animals, targeting afterschool and summer-enrichment programs in Santa Barbara County. Our goal is to empower local youth to make a difference by showing others that they care about animals and by inspiring empathy among friends and family members and in the community as a whole.

2.) Social Compassion in Legislation is a non profit organization that has been sponsoring landmark legislation since 2007. Whether local, state, or federal SCIL's mission is saving and protecting animals. Social Compassion In Legislation's achievements have transcended into many other states also passing SCIL's sponsored humane laws. Thanks to Social Compassion In Legislation, the animals have a strong voice in the halls of the Capitol. SCIL's vision is to instill greater compassion into society for the welfare of all animals

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Saturday, March 10th 2018 05:00pm


The New Vic Theater
33 W Victoria St
93101 Santa Barbara


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