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The Duttons

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We’ll begin with an included lunch (site TBD) and then head for the St. Cloud Paramount Theatre for The Duttons. Dean and Sheila Dutton were not professional musicians, and they certainly weren’t planning on raising their children as such, but when they realized that music was beginning to define who they were as a family, they embraced it wholeheartedly. Since that decision to pursue a career in music was made in 1991, the Duttons as a whole have not looked back and have gone on to enjoy a successful touring career and music business. Today, they own their own theater in Branson, Missouri, where they perform over 300 shows a year. While the Duttons’ musical talent is immediately obvious, what sets them apart from most shows is their ability to connect with their audiences. People are fascinated by the all-in-the-family performers whose love for each other and for what they share is definitely unique.

$73 pp

NYA 9:30 AM-5:30 PM Plato 9:45 AM-5:15 PM Lester Prairie 10:00 AM-5:00 PM Winsted 10:15 AM-4:45 PM Howard Lake 10:30 AM-4:30 PM Cokato 10:45 AM-4:15 PM


Friday, May 4th 2018 09:30am


The Paramount Theatre and Visual Arts Center
913 W St Germain St
56301 Saint Cloud


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