Do You Speak Djembe? | Rochester

Do You Speak Djembe?

What's happening?

As you enter the theater, your djembe drum awaits; a unique experience is about to start. Tonight, you are a star performer!

Do You Speak Djembe? is a festive fusion of cultures enjoyed by all ages—a rhythmic explosion of music and energy, and an innovative blend of orchestral and world music.

Under the guidance of master of ceremonies Doug Manuel, everyone in the audience become a percussionist, creating amazing music alongside a world-class band. Onstage, a live band of outstanding Western and African musicians on djembe, kora, dundun, balafon, keys, and more lay down a mix of West African rhythms, sizzling salsas, and favorite hits from around the globe. In the theater, the audience becomes part of the show as they beat infectious rhythms on their own djembe drums in this unique, high-energy, interactive experience.


Saturday, January 20th 2018 07:00pm


Nazareth College Arts Center
4245 East Ave
14618 Rochester


Nazareth College Arts Center, Rochester

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