Hard Style + Girevoy Sport Kettlebell Seminar | Richmond

Hard Style + Girevoy Sport Kettlebell Seminar

What's happening?

Attention all coaches, trainers, clinicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and students of the game:

For the first time in the USA, HardStyle and Girevoy Sport Kettlebell theories & techniques will be taught as a complementary system! Join us for two days of world-class education worth up to 11 CEU/CEC(s).

Dr. Jimmy Yuan, DC (StrongFirst, FMS leader), Jen Cord (MSWC), and Steven Khuong, CSCS (Head Coach of the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Team) will be leading this once in the a lifetime Kettlebell Mashup!


Dr. Mark Cheng (as featured in the best seller 4-Hour Body):

"Dr. Jimmy Yuan, DC, is one of the premier experts in Hardstyle kettlebell training. As a ranked SFG Team Leader instructor, a faculty member of Functional Movement Systems, the Titleist Performance Institute, and several other leading sports medicine/rehab groups, Dr. Yuan is uniquely positioned to be able to aid your understanding of the how, why, & when behind Hardstyle kettlebell training methods. "

Ksenia Dedukhina, HMS (8x World Kettlebell Sport Champion):

"Steven exhibits enthusiasm and competence with his approach to coaching, providing individualized purposeful focus to each athlete he works with. This makes him a true professional in his field, as his students have become successful athletes with consistent growth in their results. I had the amazing opportunity to train in his gym, and witness his successful development of athletes for kettlebell sport at all levels, from local competitions to the World Championships. I am confident Steven will deliver to you great success as your coach or mentor in kettlebell sport!"

Learn more here: https://www.icechamber.com/kbmashup-2018 #kbmashup2018


Saturday, January 20th 2018 11:00am


Ice Chamber Athletic Performance Training
2700 Rydin Rd., G Unit
94804 Richmond


Ice Chamber Athletic Performance Training, Richmond

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