Motley Hue Fusion 2018 | New York

Motley Hue Fusion 2018

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----- March 30-April 1 ------

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What is Motley Hue?

Motley Hue is a Fusion Partner Dance event. We are built on the idea of endless creativity fueled by strong dance technique. We prioritize opening new movement possibilities through our positive learning environment, excellent world-class instructors, and ending each night with amazing parties in beautiful NYC venues.

Who are we? We are explorers of movement & music. We are investigators, creators, enthusiasts and voyeurs. Together, with you, we are an integral part of creating a growing community, a new place of incubation for the languages of dance we speak.

Motley Hue provides space where the individual shades of movement cultures mottle together, creating a prismatic world of movement and music.

Our community is built on respect, the willingness to say “yes” to new ideas, "no" when you would like to opt into something else, and the freedom to color outside the lines of traditional partner dancing. Each new dance is an entire experience unto itself.

Be yourself… because everyone else is already taken.

– The Motley Hue Team

Artwork by Galit Weinfeld


Friday, March 30th 2018 06:00pm


New York, NY, United States
New York

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Motley Hue - Fusion Dance, New York

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