The Red Lipstick Movement Live! | New Albany

The Red Lipstick Movement Live!

What's happening?

The Red Lipstick Movement Live! is a teaching from my healing journey to yours! A 1 day deep dive into all that is blocking you from living the life you were created to live.

Have you been spending a lot on your time focused on your goals, dreams, and where you WANT to go but then discover that something is keeping you stuck and you feel like you are running in circles?
Would you like to start really living? Living your calling, bringing growth and life into your relationships, your career, or in your life, there is nothing more valuable than pressing into those areas keeping you stuck.
Let's spend 1 day together and walk out step by step each area keeping you from moving in the direction you desire. FORWARD.
Lunch will be included with your investment. No childcare will be offered.


Saturday, March 24th 2018 12:00pm


LC New Albany Park
43054 New Albany


Healed from the Inside Out, New Albany

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