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SWIFT Summit

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The Southern Women in Film & Television Summit (SWIFT) provides a unique forum for unifying the creative objectives of women residing in Southern states via professional advancement, mentorship and collaboration. The event will assemble luminaries from all areas of the entertainment industry to explore a variety of topics that greatly impact women: from human rights and women’s leadership, to storytelling across platforms. Four days of inventive programming with inspiring conversations, new ideas and innovations that are shaping the future for women in all aspects of entertainment and the empowerment of the next generation of emerging creatives. Additionally, SWIFT will host a bevy of vendors who cater to the needs of women, adding an exciting shopping experience during the event

Objectives of SWIFT:
• To educate by providing opportunities for learning and talent expansion through panel discussions, speaking presentations and workshop participation.
• To empower and encourage women to become involved in creative and artistic career pursuits through seminar leaderships, artistic showings and program planning and coordination.
• To entertain by offering networking and social events, panel presentations and participative activities.


Thursday, March 15th 2018 09:00am


Sheraton Music City Hotel
777 McGavock Pike
37214 Nashville

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SWIFT Summit, Nashville

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