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Don\'t Feed the Monkey Mind // Jennifer Shannon at Napa Library

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The very things we do to control anxiety can make anxiety worse. This unique guide offers a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-
based approach to help you recognize the constant chatter of your anxious “monkey mind,” stop feeding anxious thoughts, and
find the personal peace you crave. Ancient sages compared the human mind to a monkey: constantly chattering, hopping from branch to branch—endlessly moving from fear to safety. If you are one of the millions of people whose life is affected by
anxiety, you are familiar with this process. Unfortunately, you can’t switch off the “monkey mind,” but you can stop feeding the monkey—or stop rewarding it by avoiding the things you fear.

Written by psychotherapist Jennifer Shannon, this book shows you how to stop anxious thoughts from taking over using proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness techniques, as well as fun illustrations. By following the exercises in this book, you’ll
learn to identify your own anxious thoughts, question those thoughts, and uncover the core fears at play. Once you stop feeding the monkey, there are no limits to how expansive your life
can feel. This book will show you how anxiety can only continue as long as you try to avoid it. And, paradoxically, only by seeking out and confronting the things that make you anxious can you reverse the cycle that keeps your fears alive.

Jennifer Shannon is a licensed psychotherapist and a Certified Diplomat in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy specializing in anxiety. She co-founded the Santa Rosa Center For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has over thirty years of experience treating children, teens, and adults. She is the author of Don’t Feed The Monkey Mind, The Anxiety Survival Guide for Teens, The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens and A Teen’s Guide To Getting Stuff Done, all published by New Harbinger Press. She co-authors her books with her husband Doug, a gifted illustrator. Her books have been selected for the Reading Well Books on Prescription in the UK. She speaks regularly at national conferences and has been featured on radio programs, and in magazines and newspapers.

“Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind is clear and easy to understand. The book will teach you simple and powerful strategies to harness fear and worry. Jennifer Shannon teaches you how to transform your life by taking the ‘monkey’ out of your mind.”
—Dennis Greenberger, PhD, coauthor of Mind Over Mood

“Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind begins with a well-written synopsis of basic attitudes and mental habits that perpetuate anxiety. The book follows with a set of clear, concise changes in mind-set and behavioral strategies to overcome anxiety at its roots. The
‘monkey mind’ concept is an apt, original contribution. Examples of points provided by the author as well as references to her personal story help make the book accessible to readers of all kinds.”
—Edmund J. Bourne, PhD, author of The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook and Coping with Anxiety


Saturday, January 27th 2018 02:00pm


Napa County Library
580 Coombs St
94559 Napa


Napa Bookmine, Napa

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