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Behind The Music 3: Reality TV

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Thanks to your participation and support, The Behind the Music Ball has become one of the most anticipated events in the Midwest. Preparation for this event began at the end of Behind the Music: Remastered and I've worked hard to bring you another quality event. You've experienced music videos in part 1, you've experienced movie soundtracks in part 2, so now I want you to experience Reality TV for Part 3! Thank you and good luck to all! Thank you to The Kentucky Department of Health for your sponsorship!



SATURDAY 4.14.18

TABLES: ONLY 12 WILL BE SOLD! $100 TIL 12.31.17, $150 after!
Seated in the order of payment. Cash app - $larrychandler venmo/paypal -
Moneygram/Western Union - Larry Chandler in Atlanta, GA


FEM QUEEN REALNESS (THE REAL HOUSEWIVES) $1000. Every great show has a beginning and an ending. During the season, there is always one person who becomes the star of the show. You’ve landed a role on the newest franchise of The Real Housewives and the show starts now! For Part 1: Come prepared to shoot the opening credits of the show. Bring it in a solid colored dress, while holding in your hand something that represents your city or state. You must also deliver your catchphrase in order to receive 10's. Everybody knows that the best part of the show is the REUNION. Part 2: You must come back all glammed up and reunion ready. Will the spin-off show be yours or will be pointed to the door? 3 Trophies (JR, FQ, LEGENDS), 1$

OTA RUNWAY (Project Runway All-Stars) $1000 - On this episode, Heidi Klum surprises you and your competitors with special guest judge, Tim Burton. He announces that he is looking for a new costume designer for a new movie. Before he makes his choice, the contestant must bring forth a creation inspired from one of his movies that he produced or directed. Reference WWW.IMDB.COM for a movie list. Amp, Jourden and Keith Lanvin, Tonka Garcon, Zo Balmain and Aladdin will all receive automatic 10's (Legendary/Small/Tall/Big/American/FF) 6 Trophies, 1$

SCHOOLBOY REALNESS (College Hill) $1000 – One of the prerequisites for graduation is science with a lab class. This semester you have been conducting studies and working on a cure for STD’s and STI’s. Your professor has requested that you wear your lab coat while presenting your tri-fold presentation of which STD or STI that you have been trying to cure. Just like any presentation, be prepared to answer a STD/STI question to earn your 10’s. This category is sponsored by the KY Department for Public Health and they will be watching! 2 Trophies.

OTA FACE (America’s Next Top Model) $1000 – Tonight, recreating 1 of the 7 deadly sins is a must, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Vanity, Wrath and Lust. This category requires the elements of face: eyes, skin, teeth, structure and nose; also an 8x10 or larger portrait of you with a headshot pose! (MF/FF) 2 trophies, 1 $.

LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE (RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars) $1000 – Start your engines and may the best legend win! On the season finale, RuPaul wants to pay homage to one America’s legendary disco groups that were known for their on-stage costumes. Despite the influx of performers that may have inspired you, you still remain true to yourself. With a look inspired by ‘The Village People’, step up to the stage and prove to your fans that you still have what it takes to be at the top. Remember, there can only be 1 winner so good luck and Don’t Fcuk It Up! Who will stay and who will sashay away?


HOUSE WITH THE MOST MEMBERS TESTED $500 – The Kentucky Department for Public Health will be sponsoring this drive in an effort to help raise awareness within our community.

OTA PERFORMANCE (Big Brother) $500 + $10 pot – Each season ‘House Guests” compete and perform in a number of battles in order to become the Head of Household (HOH). In order to become the HOH, you must win your battle. The HOH earns the ability to control the ‘House Guests’ and will choose the next battle. There will only be 8 judges for this category. If there is a tie, the remaining “House Guests” will cast their vote for the person they feel deserves to be eliminated. Each house will obtain a Power of Veto which may be used to save their ‘House Guest’. This may be used only 1 time for the ENTIRE category and is non-transferrable so use it wisely! No productions! No intros! Straight to the 10’s. Bring it in a shiny effect using metallic, glitter and/or sequin to let them know that you will be breakout star of this show! There will be only 1 winner! (BQ/RWT/BB/W/FQ/BQID) 6 Trophies, 1 $. (RWT may walk a regular realness category or Part 1: In all black)

BQ SEX SIREN (Black Magic) $500 – Vivica Fox is taking her show on the road. She will be holding auditions to tour with her new all male revue show. As a part of the audition process, you must get 10’s in black sweats then strip down to your designer red undergarments for the battles. (Sr/Jr/Catboy) 3 trophies, 1 $.

OTA F.E.B. (Hoarders) $250 – You’ve been known to be a compulsive shopper but you never get rid of your pieces because you know that they will be considered vintage over time. Tonight, make your pieces hit in a cohesive look with a combination of Foot, Eye and Belt or Bag. Will the judges go up or will all of that hoarding make you gag? Any season! Any year!

BQID REALNESS (Charm School) $250 – It is elimination time and the judges will decide your fate. Who stay’s and who goes? Nobody knows! Just make sure you are looking your best in your catholic school girl uniform! Don’t forget your jacket and a book from your favorite subject!


PRETTY BOY REALNESS VS DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMEN (The Bachelor) $100 – The producer of the show suddenly wants to take everyone to Paradise! You all have been recast for the spin off ‘The Bachelor Paradise’. You must now bring it in a tank top, shorts and flip flops with a lei around your neck. 2 Trophies, 1 $

EXECUTIVE REALNESS (Undercover Boss) $150 – Will you be able to perform the duties of your employees? Leave the briefcases, suits and ties at home tonight and bring it in a disguise and uniform of your choice from any employer!

THUG REALNESS (Flavor of Love) $150 – On your quest for love, Hoopz, Deelishis and Thing 2’s time all expired, but you have a new batch of queens to choose from. Tonight, will be process of elimination! Bring it in a suit but don’t forget your fitted cap and your clock necklace! No touching or be disqualified!

TRANSMAN VS BUTCH REALNESS (Extreme Makeover) – It is now time to return to your family and friends who have not been allowed to see the changes in your transformation. Bring it in a suit along with a picture of you before your transformation. 2 Trophies
FQ SEX SIREN (The Girls Next Door) $150 – The Playboy Mansion’s infamous pool party is right around the corner but Hugh want’s a private show. Bring it in red lingerie with whip cream. Oh, and don’t forget your bunny ears!

WOMENS SEX SIREN (MTV Spring Break) – One of the summer anthems was performed by Sisqo on this show. Sell sex in a thong!

J-SETTE (Bring It!) – The Stand Battles will test your endurance. Which team of 3 will make it to the final round? Be prepared, because the final round will be Captains only! Let’s get it! Let’s Go! Don’t forget your uniforms!

BQ BODY (American Gladiators) - Only the best of the best are able to compete in this contest. Bring it in Red, white and blue outlining the features that look best on you! Models vs Muscular, 2 Trophies.

FQ BODY vs WOMEN’S BODY (Botched) – Dr. Miami has requested that you be a model for a private seminar. He has requested that you come in panties and pasties to show off his great work! 2 trophies.

HAND PERFORMANCE (America’s Got Talent) – Tonight your hands must tell a story in order to advance to the next round. Once you move to the next round you must bring a prop to help you reach the top!

SNEAKER VS SNEAKER (Hardcore Pawn) – You’ve been holding on to a pair of sneakers that you just can’t toss in the garbage. Are they really what you think they are worth or do they need to be discarded?

STREETWEAR (Punk’D) – Your favorite designer has chosen you to walk in their fashion show but when you took your look out of your bag, you noticed it had been tagged. This prank is too good to be true because now the designer wants it to be used. Bring it in a look using graffiti.

BAZAARR (Fear Factor) – Everyone is scared of something. Create an effect that will send us to the asylum.

COM VS COM (The Rap Game) – Will your rhymes earn you a gold chain? Originality is the key. No stolen chants or you will be eliminated!

BEST DRESSED SPECTATOR (How Do I Look?) $100– Always serving, always done! You just came to the ball to enjoy everyone! *sponsored by Logic 007*

BEGINNERS CATEGORIES (The Next 15) - You've created a small buzz and a little fame, now it's time to make everyone know your name. In an effect made of ONLY black and white tonight. 6 months or less. OTA: New Performance/New Runway/New Face/First Time in Drags at a Ball.

OLD WAY vs NEW WAY - (World of Dance) – People have come from all over the world to display their different styles of dance. Your style is the future of dance, so bring it in a futuristic effect! 2 trophies

GLITZ AND GLAM $100 (Say Yes to the Dress) – Over the years many designs have come and gone. Now it’s your chance to display a look of your own! Whether its beads, ruffles, feathers or stones, just make sure it’s the best. The question remains…Will the judges say yes to your dress?


Saturday, April 14th 2018 07:00pm


American Legion Shawnee Post 193 Louisville Kentucky
2800 W Main St
40212 Louisville


Larry Chandler, Louisville

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