RockStar VA | ~265 mile MTB race from Rocktown to the Star City | Harrisonburg

RockStar VA | ~265 mile MTB race from Rocktown to the Star City

What's happening?

The RockStar VA is a 265 mile mtb race from Rocktown (Harrisonburg) to the Star City (Roanoke).

The official 7am 4/7/2018 start location = Black Sheep Coffee Harrisonburg |

Categories: A) Solo B) Team (Female, Male, COED)
Team = 2 or more riders who ride & finish together.

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Entry Process:

regarding the course ...
the route is amazing and even tho no one has completed it yet the route is already being regarded as a legendary challenge ride. it's anticipated that people will travel from all ends of the globe to test themselves on, and enjoy some of the very best mtb riding in VA (world?). the route will not exhaustively explore all trail areas it touches BUT it will give folks a good taste of each destination to hopefully fuel their interest in coming back again and again. make no mistake, this is a rider's course. it's not a get you from A to B on dirt as directly as possible. it's a route that will thrill and delight. you'll be bursting with excitement at Black Sheep Coffee Harrisonburg​ and when you arrive at the Texas Tavern​ in Roanoke you will have done something so epic, amazing and possibly life changing that the world will be 7x more awesome! while the #rockstar_va may be the most difficult challenge many of its participants will have ever attempted ... it's not impossible. a bunch of nutjobs will start it on 4/7/18 and complete it ... riding themselves into mtb history and bringing the #rockstar_va legend to life.

The official finishing location = Texas Tavern​ Roanoke
Racers will be finishing over a number of days and at all kinds of hours, so, after summiting at the Roanoke Star racers will DH the Understory and Monument trails, then roll thru downtown and finish at the one and only iconic Roanoke downtown destination where you're guaranteed a friendly greeting 24/7 every day, all year - the Texas Tavern!!!!

Live Tracking & Results for the #rockstar_va will be thru All solo racers and teams are required to have a SPOT tracking device with them and on for the duration of this event. Information on how to easily rent a unit from Trackleaders will be provided soon! estimates that registration *and* a Spot Gen3 rental for RockStar VA participants will be $65 total.

Support Rules During RockStar VA
1) Self & Neutral Support from Black Sheep Coffee Harrisonburg to the route midpoint at Douthat State Park
2) At Douthat anything goes. There's a restaurant, camp store, camping and cabins. Many are expected to overnight at Douthat or at least sleep a few hours. Enjoy!
3) Self & Neutral Support from Douthat to Texas Tavern Roanoke

Neutral Support = RockStar VA supporters who voluntarily setup aid stations that welcome and support all participants.

**All that being said** folks should prepare and organize whatever aid and support they need to be safe and maximize their fun.

To that end, we've added a registration category that will also be available on
Solo - Men, Women
Team - (2+ riders) Men, Women, Co-ed
Supported - anyone that uses more than self or neutral support outside of Douthat State Park.

We're going to put together a list of locations where food and water are available along the course, then see where folks volunteer to create neutral aid stations, and then we'll see if drop locations are needed and can be reasonably arranged. **Any rider that needs or wants to place stashes or receive support in addition to these neutral options to maximize their fun and safety should do it.** Riders who utilize non-neutral stashes will be tracked in the Supported category by

RockStar VA Shuttle Service by Roanoke Mountain Adventures​
(540) 525-8295
To help RMA begin planning transportation for all interested riders please complete the RMA shuttle poll: Thank you!
Leave a car in Harrisonburg and RMA will bring you back when your RockStar VA adventure is complete, or, ahead of the event leave a car in Roanoke and have RMA bring you to Harrisonburg for the event start!
3 people - $108/person
4 people - $90/person
5 people - $75/person
6 people - $65/person
7 people - $58/person
8 people - $52/person
9 people - $48/person

Thoughts, suggestions & input on any aspect of the RockStar VA are welcome!


Saturday, April 7th 2018 07:00am


Black Sheep Coffee Harrisonburg
217 S Liberty St, Ste 104B
22801 Harrisonburg


Virginia Endurance Series, Harrisonburg

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