CCR Cave Course - Post TEKDiveUSA | Fort White

CCR Cave Course - Post TEKDiveUSA

What's happening?

Come join CCR Cave instructor Josh Thornton in Florida for the adventure of a lifetime and earn your Full Cave certification on a rebreather! This course will begin the week after TEKDiveUSA.2018 (will you be attending?)

This course is for the serious adventurer wanting to explore further into the overhead environment, make jumps off of main lines to adjoining passages and spend A LOT of time in the caves.

The purpose of the CCR Cave Diver course is to provide divers with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to safely utilize rebreathers in overhead environments while under the supervision of a Rebreather Cave Diver Instructor. The diver will be exposed to the special hazards involved in using rebreathers in overhead environments, as well as the techniques and procedures used to mitigate the risks to a reasonable level. The program will also instruct candidates in how to plan overhead environment dives with open circuit dive partners.

* CCR equipment configuration and preparation (streamlining, rigging etc)
* Cave dive planning with CCRs
* Body posture and trim
* Propulsion techniques
* Cave conservation
* Proper guideline procedures
* Lost line drills
* CCR buddy emergency procedures
* Mixed team (CCR & OC) procedures
* CCR S drills
* Hand and light signals
* CCR equipment failure procedures
* Complex cave navigation
* CCR bailout planning and execution

Accommodations for only $30 per night at Cave Country Lodge

More info about the course here:

For more information, details about pre-reqs or to sign up, email:


Monday, April 30th 2018 08:00am


Fort White, FL, United States
Fort White


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