Men and Women Business Showcase | Clearwater

Men and Women Business Showcase

What's happening?

The Men and Women in Business Showcase is a pageant style event where the business owners can showcase their business on stage. The Showcase is broken down into 4 segments-Intro of the contestants, each contestant has 3 minutes to showcase their product or service to the judges, business attire demonstrating how they present themselves when attending a business luncheon, meeting, etc and the final segment is formal wear as an entreprenuer.

The Showcase will be combined with the men and women for 2018. The men will be judges with the men and the women will be judged with the women.

Come out and enjoy an evening of watching other entreprenuers showcase their businesses, enjoy unlimited gourmet cuisine and drinks, mingle with other business owners, and most of all have a nice time.


Saturday, July 21st 2018 06:00pm


210 N Fort Harrison Ave
210 North Fort Harrison Avenue
33755 Clearwater


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