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Pemi Loop

What's happening?

Welcome to the first North Face Pemi Loop!!

Are you tired of race cut off times? Do you want to run with the Tribe? Are you ready to challenge yourself on the most beautiful track New England has to offer? Come out for this.

The exact date will be set once we get a better read on weather and snow conditions, so stay tuned! This is because snow/melt/mud season will be in full swing. We need to watch the trails very carefully before we commit to this trip. Heavy traffic during mud season can cause damage to the trails. Melting snow will mean post holing. If we get a short winter however, there is a chance to do this sooner.

All I ask is that you stand by for a solid date, but know this trip will happen!!

If by mid May the Pemi Loop is not optimal for this trip, a new route will be planned at lower elevation for training purposes and will pick a date (June) for an official Pemi Loop trail run!


If you are training for The North Face Endurance Series, this will be the perfect opportunity to sharpen the saw. There will be many variations of the route posted. If you wanted to do 5 miles, 10 miles, 15, 20 or the full loop, we will be more than happy to show you the way.

Hancock campground is open year round! We will be arriving the night before and staying until Sunday.

More information to come at the turn of the New Year! Get pumped.


Saturday, April 28th 2018 05:00am


The North Face
326 Newbury St
02115-2730 Boston

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