African American Firearms Safety Course #3 | Boston

African American Firearms Safety Course #3

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NRA Home Firearm Safety (HFS) – $150

Hi, thanks for your interest in taking a firearm safety course at Salomon Firearms Training, LLC (SFT). My name is Pierre Salomon, Founder & CEO, and will be the chief firearms instructor conducting your upcoming course. This passage serves to answer any questions you may have beforehand: The state of MA requires that you take a firearm safety course before you can apply for, and receive a License To Carry (LTC) or Firearms Identification Card (FIDC). So we offer National Rifle Association (NRA) firearm courses, with specific curriculums that provide the certificates you need to apply for your LTC/FIDC.

NRA courses are broken down into 2 parts, a classroom session & a range session. In class you will learn a set curriculum, and then afterwards you will apply what you learned at the range. Once you successfully complete the NRA course, you then take your certificates to your local police department and apply there. NRA certificates are good for life, nationwide, & satisfy training mandates for all cities/states.

HFS is a basic introduction & general overview of the variety of firearms that exist. Its purpose is to teach students the basic knowledge, skills, & attitude necessary for the safe handling of firearms & ammunition in the home. HFS covers NRA organization, safety rules & procedures, firearm components, loading & unloading, malfunctions, cartridge components, firearms maintenance, responsible ownership, child/family safety, proper storage of firearms & ammunition, range rules & regulations, and MA laws regulating firearms. Firearms included in this training are revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, break/pump/semi action shotguns, & bolt/lever/semi/bullpup action rifles. Caliber sizes range from .22 – 7.62. Course provides certificates to apply for LTC/FIDC.

Residents of Boston & Brookline are required to pass a shooting qualification at the Moon Island Police Range, in order to receive a LTC. The shooting exam consists of firing a total of 30 rounds, with a 4-inch .38 caliber revolver, at a distance of 7 & 15 yards. Each round has the potential to score a maximum of 10 points, which means the maximum score you can get on the Moon Island exam is 300. You need a minimum score of 210 points to pass (70% of 300). First 12 rounds are fired at the 7-yard line in double action, and the remaining 18 rounds are fired at the 15-yard line in single action. Within reason, you have an unlimited amount of time to complete your exam. If you fail the shooting exam twice, you will be disqualified, and must wait 1 year before you can apply for your LTC again. The range is outdoors, so plan for inclement weather, and dress appropriately for a shooting range (boots, tactical pants/shirt, baseball cap, etc). SFT provides the same revolver used in the exam during training, so you have ample opportunity to practice and prepare for your exam.

All of our firearm courses include live fire at the range, and a large variety/inventory of firearms. Our costs includes all the guns, ammo, & training equipment needed. You don’t need to bring anything, just yourself, family, & a few friends! :) **Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, & EMT personnel get 25% off**

If you have any questions about the course, please contact myself; Pierre Salomon at 857-523-0776, FB inbox, or


Saturday, January 13th 2018 10:00am


Boston Gun & Rifle Assoc Inc
1483 Dorchester Ave
02122 Boston

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