AB at Museum of Science! | Boston

AB at Museum of Science!

What's happening?

We are excited to announce that the New England Anime Society (http://neanime.org/about/) have partnered with the Museum of Science (https://www.mos.org/) to discover: ‘The Science of Anime.’ This single day event will take place at the museum during the Summer of 2018! (DATE TBD)

RSVP to let us (and the museum!) know you are interested, and be up to date on all future announcement!

Due to logistical issues beyond our control, we regretfully must postpone this event. We want to assure everyone that this event is still being planned by NEAS and the event is only being moved to a different date so that we can put on the best show for you that we can!

In regards to questions on registration for this event, as of right now it is like any other day to the museum, there are no special entry fees on our end!

We look forward to seeing you all next year!


Saturday, July 21st 2018 09:00am


Anime Boston
02125 Boston

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