Fox's Den and LVL UP Legends conquer White River Paintball | Anderson

Fox\'s Den and LVL UP Legends conquer White River Paintball

What's happening?

Dystopia Scenario Event:
The world is dying. Governments have crumbled and civilization is on the brink of extinction. Those that are left have come together with only one goal in mind, survival. The only problem is supplies are limited and if you want to survive, you will have to fight. The Liberators (the good guys) believe that order can still be achieved in this world of chaos. The Ravagers (the bad guys) prey on the weak so the strong can survive.

Fox's Den, LVL UP Legends, and any other LVL UP family members have been invited by the 13th Legionnaires to fight for the Liberators! MAKE SURE TO PRE-REG FOR THE LIBERATORS OR YOU WILL BE SHUNNED AND NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR YOUR TEAM JERSEY AT THIS EVENT!

Scenario Event Entry Pricing:
$49.95 per person, before February 4th, 2018
$54.95 per person, before March 11th, 2018
$74.95 per person, after March 11th, 2018


Friday, March 23rd 2018 11:00am


White River Paintball
5211 S New Columbus Rd
46013 Anderson


Fox's Den Ohio, Anderson

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